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I’m impressed that my high-energy, quickly distracted weimaraner is truly great at the “stay” command. Well, at least by my “Remy” standards. He has an intense drive for work, so when he’s been provided the right type of difficulty he becomes incredibly focused.

Today I want to focus a bit more on the “place” command. It’s essentially the exact same as “stay” however it’s a method to tell your dog to “stay on this exact, specific thing.” With advanced training, you can even send your dog to that “place” from a distance.

That “thing” might be a dog bed, a rug, a blanket or whatever. most people like to select something that’s quickly transportable like a towel or a mat. In our case, a great example is our portable dog cot from Carlson Pet Products, the sponsor of this post.

Carlson portable dog Cot for mentor your dog “place”

Why should you teach the “place” command?

The “place” command is handy for when you requirement your dog to stay in one spot. For example, when you have guests at the door, you might tell your dog “place” as well as he would understand to go to his bed or mat. Or perhaps you’re just focused on something as well as you requirement your dog to leave you alone for 5 minutes.

One of the benefits of mentor “place” in addition to the more general “stay” command is you can take your dog’s bed or mat with you when you’re traveling. having that physical product assists your dog stay calm in different areas since that “place” is already part of his training routine/habit. Of course, it takes great deals of method as well as reinforcement over time.

The finest example I have that is similar is when I state “kennel” my dog instantaneously drops what he’s doing as well as makes a beeline for his kennel without thinking! He’s like a looney tunes character “spinning his tires” so quick he’s virtually running in location on our difficult floors.

He understands he’ll get fed in his kennel or he’ll get a bully stick or at the extremely least a treat. So he goes there when asked. Todos. Soltero. Tiempo. No concerns asked. It’s by far his most trustworthy command, as well as as I compose this I’m realizing exactly how helpful it would be to get to this level with his “place” command as well.

In this post, I wished to show you a couple examples of exactly how the “place” command can are available in handy during your outside adventures with your dog. For more info, see my publish on exactly how to teach your dog the location command.

And right here is a short (1 min) video we made on mentor this command:

Using the “place” command during household picnics

When everybody is enjoying their food as well as you don’t want your dog right there prepared to snatch potato salad off Grandma’s plate, you can tell your dog “place.”

We brought our dogs to a household reunion last summer, which included a great deal of household meals outdoors. I had to tether Remy to a fence so he wouldn’t bother anyone as well as he ended up barking as well as making a scene.

Teaching your dog “place” is much easier since when you reach that level of training the “place” is almost like a reward on its own. When your dog is trained to go to his “place” he understands to expect a treat.

Even if you still have to put a leash on your dog or tether him, having that “place” will assist him comprehend he is expected to wait in one spot. If you’ve worked on “place” lots as well as lots of times, it should ultimately ended up being a positive experience for your dog where he anticipates a reward.

Using the “place” command during camping

Although camping is really a ton of work, I always keep in mind the relaxing moments the most. sitting around the campfire, sticking my feet in the creek, reading in a hammock.

Therefore, having a “place” for my hyped-up weimaraner to just chill assists ME relax. I get more pleasure out of camping with my bit gray maniac.

More importantly, sometimes you just requirement to keep your dog out of the method while you’re setting up your tent, making food or building a fire.

The Carlson pet cot is remarkable when you don’t have to hike far to your campsite. It’s a excellent choice for providing your dog a “place” while you do what you requirement to do.

Last summertime we camped in an area understood to have rattlesnakes. When we very first shown up at the site, we didn’t want Remy running around like a free-for-all right startling any type of snakes. as well as yes, we did see a rattler immediately!

Necesitábamos mantener a Remy quieto, así como en un área mientras tenemos nuestro sitio. No teníamos nuestra cuna Carlson para ese viaje, sin embargo, esta habría sido una situación perfecta en la que podríamos haberlo utilizado para mostrar a Remy dónde necesitábamos que estuviera.

Además, la cuna de perro portátil Carlson es bueno para acampar en general, ya que mantiene a su perro alejado del terreno frío para dormir. Puede ubicar la cama o el saco de dormir de su perro encima de la cuna si lo desea.

¡El comando “Lugar” me ayuda a obtener fotos!

Me gusta tener un “lugar” para que mi perro lo ayude a quedarse quieto para fotos.

La enseñanza de un comando confiable de “estadía” en general es importante, sin embargo, es útil mentor de su perro “lugar” como en “permanecer en esta cosa específica”. Como mostraba mi ejemplo de “perrera”, el “lugar” en sí casi puede terminar siendo como una recompensa para su perro si lo fortalece lo suficiente.

Por lo tanto, utilizar una cuna portátil para su comando de “lugar” puede ser práctico para obtener fotos afuera de su perro. Para mi Hyper Dog, tener un “lugar” realmente lo ayuda a quedarse quieto y enfocado mientras tomo obsesivamente fotos de Instagram … ¡ya que entiende que las golosinas vendrán!

Más sobre las cunas portátiles de perros portátiles Carlson Pet Products

Tenemos una gran cuna de perros portátil de los productos de Pet Carlson que es de 48 “L x 26” W x 9 “H. Es resistente, aunque sea ligero, así como se pliega en una fracción de su tamaño. La cuna me recuerda a una silla de campamento portátil, solo más corta. Se tarda 1 segundo en configurar e incluye su propia bolsa para viajar.

Ordene una cuna de perro portátil aquí

Las cunas están disponibles en verde, rojo, gris o bronceado, así como están disponibles en 2 tamaños. El pequeño tamaño es de 26 “L x 26” W x 9 “H.

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